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Our painting and remodeling experts are dedicated to finish your project, be it large or small, with only the best of results. Our painters will work with you to achieve the most satisfactory experience for you as possible. We go the extra mile to make sure that we have a good reference from you.


If you are thinking about building an add-on or even constructing a new home, we can handle the painting portion and get the job done. Does your house need some freshening up? Is it time for a new room or a new deck? We will give life to your dreams..

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We are Tulsa area painters with a long history of getting the job done right. We have years of experience with all sorts of painting projects. We only use the best paint on your home!We are very professional, extremely reliable, and we will do whatever is needed to achieve the best final product. When you go with Primo Painting, you can rest assured you have made a good choice.